Automatic Association Membership



         5.02 Association. The Association has been formed, prior to the recording hereof, as a not-for-profit corporation under the General Not-for-Profit Corporation Act of the State of Indiana, having the name (or a name similar thereto) HUNTERS GLEN CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, INC., and shall be the goveming body for all of the Unit Owners for the maintenance, repair, replacement, administration and operation of the Property. The Association shall not be deemed to be conducting a business of any kind, and all funds received by the Association shall be held and applied by it for the use and benefit of Unit Owners in accordance with the provisions contained herein. Each Unit Owner shall be a member of the Association so long as he shall be a Unit Owner, and such membership shall automatically terminate when he ceases to be a Unit Owner and upon the transfer of his ownership interest the new Unit Owner succeeding to such ownership interest shall likewise succeed to such membership in the Association. The Association may issue certificates evidencing membership therein and shall have only one class of membership.

Excerpt from
Declaration of Horizontal Property Regime and
of Easements, Restrictions, Covenants and By-Laws